HealthTalkers are people just like you

They share their real stories and make a real difference.

HealthTalkers like being part of a cause that’s larger than themselves.
They feel at home being part of a group of like-minded people who share their knowledge so that others can take significant steps to help manage their health.  


Nothing will ever replace a face-to-face conversation.
Conversations connect people with one another.

When you share facts and resources, along with your personal story, you have the ability to inspire, encourage and motivate others to be proactive and make well-informed decisions about their health.

That is HealthTalking! Talk about making a difference! 


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HealthTalkers share their thoughts about
being part of the movement

"With all the negativity on social media, the fake news and devisive commentary, being a HealthTalker is one of the things that I do that makes me feel good. I know telling my story and sharing the facts helps my friends and family, and makes a difference in my community. It’s a small reminder that we can all do better for each other.”

"Being a HealthTalker is easy. When I share my experience I help others. I also benefit because it’s a powerful reminder that I can manage this condition."

"I love to help people gain the important information they need in order to protect themselves.”

"I feel proud to advocate such an important and life saving cause. I get satisfaction out of helping others as well as making them aware of something that they weren't in touch or informed about."

"I want to share up-to-date health information with people my age.”

"I feel parents need to be more pro-active about their children's health. This is an avenue that allows open conversation about real life experiences. It's a good feeling to know I can help others by sharing stories through HealthTalker."


Authentic conversations are compelling

Every conversation you have has the potential to help make a difference.

When you have a conversation with a friend or family member, and that person shares the information with his/her friends and family, the impact of that message keeps growing. 


People trust recommendations
from people they know

84% ACT

People act based on those recommendations


Word of Mouth conversations happen face-to-face.

Sources: Nielsen Trust in Advertising; Keller Fay Group



Why Authenticity Matters - Patients' stories are real. And powerful. Authentic patient stories create trust and can be the tipping point for action.


How We Do It


We connect like-minded people who have a passion for a cause, condition, provider or treatment option.

We engage, equip and empower these motivated volunteers to spread the word to their families, friends and people in their networks.



we Engage

We activate like-minded individuals, who want to be a part of something larger than themselves, to join a movement and spread the word to the people in their community. We help them spread the word about something that matters to them.

WE Equip

We equip HealthTalkers with offline and online content and facts. Providing factual information to share or pass along creates an authentic structure for dialogue, empowering them to have effective, informed conversations.

WE Empower

We empower HealthTalkers to motivate others to learn the facts, take action, and speak with their doctor, leading to better physician-patient dialogue and increased awareness of conditions and treatment options.

Click on the infographic to see the full image and learn more about Word of Mouth in Healthcare.

Click on the infographic to see the full image and learn more about Word of Mouth in Healthcare.


96% of HealthTalkers Agree - Sharing is Rewarding

With thousands of HealthTalker volunteers, 96% rated their experience as "very rewarding" (55%) or "rewarding" (41%). Having conversations that help others made them feel good about being a HealthTalker.

Listen to HealthTalker Celeste sharing her experience.


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